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Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Lyrics is sung by Arijit Singh, Tumhein Mohabbat Hai song is written by Irshad Kamil, and Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Song Music is given by Hira Viradia , Tumhein Mohabbat Hai song is a Hindi song in which Akshay Kumar,sara ali khan,Dhanush.both played Hero and Heroine, this song was uploaded by T-Series on its official YouTube Channel on 3 Jan 2022.

This song is the First Arijit Singh Song IN 2022 from Movie Atrangi Re

This Song Is Sung By Arijti Singh

About Arijit Singh

About Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh Life Story In English : Hellow freinds today we will see the story of Arijit Singh in which we will read the story of his hard work towards singing.

Friends, as a result of the place that Arijit Singh ji has achieved in the world of singing, there will be no person who does not know Arijit Singh or has not listened to his songs.

Today we are talking about a singer who has worked very hard to get success, due to which Arijit Singh is known all over the world for his songs and his voice. In the beginning, he also got failure but never gave up, due to his passion and love for singing, today he has made millions of people his fans.

Friends, today Arijit Singh is such a busy singer that in every film made in Bollywood, Arijit Singh’s song is definitely there. And it would not be wrong to say that Arijit Singh is the number one playback singer of today,

Friends, this journey of Arijit Singh has not been easy at all, although there were many difficulties in his way but he has finally achieved this position.

Arijit Singh was born on 25 April 1987 in Murshidwad, West Bengal. Arijit Singh’s father is Punjabi and mother bengoli, Arijit Singh’s father used to work in Jeevan Nigam and mother Bese was a house wife but she used to play tabla and sing songs very well. Not only his mother, almost everyone in his maternal grandfather was associated with music. All were interested in classical music. And perhaps it was because Arijit Singh was also very interested in singing.

Education :-

Arijit Singh has completed his schooling from Raja Vijay Singh High School, and after school he completed his graduation from Shripath Singh College, Diaganj, due to his interest in singing since childhood along with studies and his love for singing. His parents also understood that Arijit can go a long way in singing. That’s why his parents got him training to sing.

Singing Training :-

Arijit Singh started taking his training from Hazari Brother, learned classic music from Ustad Rajendra Prasad Hazari, and learned to play tabla from Ustad Dirender Prasad Hazari, and he learned pop music from Ustad Virender Prasad Hazari, Arijit Singh did singing very well. Learned and became very good singers, along with good singing, his voice means touching the heart, now he just needed a chance.

Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Lyrics In English

Teri aankhon mein jhankne wala
Tere hothon pe kaanpne wala
Teri baaton mein bolne wala
Baal raaton mein kholne wala

Hmm hmm..
Hmm hmm..

Garm saanson mein ghul rha hai jo
Woh akhele mein mil rha jo
Khwaab mein aake pyaar karta hai
Rooh sau bar tumpe marta hai
Khwaab mein aake pyaar karta hai
Rooh sau bar tumpe marta hai

Khench ke bajuon mein le le jo
Kaan ki balion se khele jo
Haq jaata tha hai jo sabi tumpe
Puchna chahta hoon main tumse
Haq jaata tha hai jo sabi tumpe
Puchna chahta hoon main tumse

Kaun hai kaisa kaun hai kaisa
Kaisa dikhta hai
Kaun hai kaisa kaisa dikhta hai

Jaanta hoon ke nahi main woh nahi
Main woh nahi
Woh ki jisse tumhe mohabbat hai
Tumhe mohabbat hai

Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Lyrics In hindi

तेरी आँखों में झाँकने वाला
तेरे होठों पे कानने वाला
तेरी बातों में बोले वाला
बाल रातों में खोलने वाला

हम्म हम्म..
हम्म हम्म..

गरम सांसों में घुल रहा है जो
वो अकेले में मिल रहा जो
ख़्वाब में आके प्यार करता है
रूह सौ बार तुमपे मार्ता है
ख़्वाब में आके प्यार करता है
रूह सौ बार तुमपे मार्ता है

खेल के बाजुओं में ले जो
कान की बालियों से खेले जो
हक जाता था है जो सबी तुमपे
पुछना चाहता हूं मैं तुमसे
हक जाता था है जो सबी तुमपे
पुछना चाहता हूं मैं तुमसे

कौन है कैसा कौन है कैसा
कैसा दिखता है
कौन है कैसा दिखता है

जनता हूं के नहीं मैं वो नहीं
मैं वो नहीं
वो जिससे तुम्हें मोहब्बत है
तुम्हें मोहब्बत है

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Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Details

SingerArijit Singh
LyricistIrshad Kamil
MusicHira Viradia
AlbumAtrangi Re
Music Lable T-Series
Date3 Jan 2022

Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Lyrics in hindi जिसको Arijit Singh ने गाया है, Tumhein Mohabbat Hai को Irshad Kamil जी ने लिखा है , तथा Tumhein Mohabbat Hai का म्यूजिक Hira Viradia ने दिया है Tumhein Mohabbat Hai lyrics एक Hindi सॉन्ग है जिसमें Akshay Kumar,sara ali khan,Dhanush . दोनों ने हीरो और हिरोइन का रोल किया है ,इस गाने को T-Series ने अपने official YouTube Channel पर 3 Jan 2022 को अपलोड किया था ।

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Click Here to Download Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Mp3

FAQ On Tumhein Mohabbat Hai

Who Sung Tumhein Mohabbat Hai song ?
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai Hindi song Is Sung By Arijit Singh .

Who Writes Tumhein Mohabbat Hai song lyrics ?
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai lyrics IS written By Irshad Kamil .

Who Direct The Music Of Tumhein Mohabbat Hai ?
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai music Is Directed By Hira Viradia .

Which Company Has Ownership On this Tumhein Mohabbat Hai ?
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai lyrics Ownership Is Belongs To T-Series .

On Which Date Release This Tumhein Mohabbat Hai?
Tumhein Mohabbat Hai lyrics Is Relesed By T-Series On 3 Jan 2022

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